Knowledgebase and Portal Team

The Type 2 Diabetes Knowledge Portal is being developed by a team of scientists and software engineers at the Broad Institute, the University of Michigan, University of Oxford, and many other collaborators as part of a worldwide scientific consortium with contributors from academia, industry, and non-profit organizations.
There are several ways to get in touch with the Portal team:

Accelerating Medicines Partnership (AMP) Type 2 Diabetes Knowledge Portal (T2DKP) and Data Coordinating Center (DCC) Team

Principal investigatorJose Florez
Co-investigatorJason Flannick
Director of operations and developmentNoël Burtt
Creative leadMaria Costanzo
Software engineersBenjamin Alexander
Marc Duby
Clint Gilbert
Quy Hoang
Dong-Keun Jang
Jeffrey Massung
Oliver Ruebenacker
Preeti Singh
Computational biologistsMarcin von Grotthuss
Ryan Koesterer
Project managerLizz Caulkins
Analytical and clinical contributorsJosep Mercader
Miriam Udler
Team alumniMary Carmichael
Todd Green
Tad Jordan
Michael Sanders
David Siedzik
Scott Sutherland
Kaan Yuksel

Methods and Tool Development Teams

AMP Type 2 Diabetes Knowledge (T2DK)

Principal InvestigatorDaniel MacArthur
Principal InvestigatorBenjamin Neale
Jonathan Bloom
Konrad Karczewski
Cotton Seed
Matthew Solomonson

AMP Enhanced Diabetes Portal

Principal InvestigatorMichael Boehnke
Principal InvestigatorGonçalo Abecasis
Christopher Clark
Matthew Flickinger
Daniel Taliun
Ryan Welch

EBI Federated Node

Principal InvestigatorPaul Flicek
Principal InvestigatorMark McCarthy
Principal InvestigatorGil McVean
Thomas Keane
Dylan Spalding

Diabetes Epigenome Atlas Federated Node

Principal InvestigatorKyle Gaulton
Parul Kudtarkar
Samuel Morabito
Ying Sun